Shellfish - you’ve gotta love it!

Next time: after deshelling your shrimp, crayfish or crab for your dish, keep the shells and make a fantastic stock to boost your dish!

Imagine using your own savory stock when making a seafood pasta or soup! Well it’s not that hard and if you just add a little bit of cooking time you can boast a fully home made meal instead of using those ready made stocks. The difference is huge, believe me!

This is how easy it is!

Heat your oven to the highest temperature and grill setting.

Peel your shrimp, crayfish, crabs or other seafood. Put the meat in a bowl and into the fridge until a later. It’s all about the shells from here on.

Chop the head of larger seafood like lobster or sea crayfish. Crush the shell into smaller pieces and place in an oven tray.

If you have a large carrot or another root vegetable, chop it up in large pieces and put it in the pan with the shells. This step is optional, but ads to the flavor.

Put the tray in the preheated oven.

You want to thoroughly brown the shells but not burn them. The deeper the grilling is, the better the taste. But do be careful not to burn.

Make sure to guard the oven because in 9 minutes, nothing might have happened. And at 9m30s it can all be burnt and the rich taste will turn bitter intstead. So keep a close eye. This takes anything between 7-20 min depending on the oven.

When nice and brown. Take out the tray and transfer the shells into a saucepan and pour in water to cover the shells.

Let this sit on the stove to simmer for a nice while and reduce to half or less.

Your stock is ready!

You can use it directly or let it cool off and then pour into an ice tray. This way you will have perfect cubes stored in the freezer for later.

NOTICED THERE IS NO SALT IN THIS RECIPE? This is intentional. When adding this broth you will increse the flavour, not the saltiness. This is more easily adjusted by just adding salt directly into your cooking.